Sometimes down the pub we get some strange prayer requests. For people to get all the right numbers for the Lottery to struggling football teams to win the league. We have produced 25,000 beer matts for different pubs over the years and the main one we regular have a team is The Drapers in Peterborough. 

Yesterday I was with my students having a meal before joining the Theological Society and as I went to order our food at the bar and wait my turn I tidied up the beer mats on the side and put ours back into a neat pile. That’s when I saw this: 

It got me thinking. Who is in such a need that they need prayer for ‘everything?’ And yes, while it may be written in jest I felt compelled to lift up the person and their need for prayer. 


If you would like to join us on a pub chaplaincy training day we have one coming up on the 12th May. Click here for the details. 

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