Have you ever thought ‘I wish my church service could be like….’ With a team of people we stopped wishing and instead put on a type of service we would love to go to: Long time of sung worship, a welcoming of the Holy Spirit and His gifts and something creative too. 

So once a month we put together a service called ‘Encounter.’ We’re joined by artist Kate Green who paints prophetically. This months painting blew me away. It spoke so powerfully to me:


YET STILL by Kate Green – acrylc on canvas (24×30″) Painted live at Cambourne Church Encounter event.

Kate writes about this prophetic painting: 

And the word I brought – A sense of God’s invitation for us to dig deep and of him celebrating our sacrifice of praise.

There are times when joyfulness is easy and there are times when it’s a choice, a decision.

‘Even in my disappointment I will praise you,

Even in my hopeless places I will give thanks,

You help me to sing over my sorrows

You help me to dance over my troubles

You help me to laugh in the face of my trials’ (lyrics from ‘Overcomer’ by Lucy Grimble)

‘Though the cherry trees don’t blossom, the strawberries don’t ripen, the apples are worm eaten and the wheat fields stunted. Though the sheep pens are sheepless and cattle barns empty.

YET STILL I will sing joyful praise to God, rejoicing in the God of my salvation. He is my Strength.’ (Habakkuk 3)

He is my song, he is worthy and he is good!

My painting shows bubbles of praise rising, one after the other, layer on layer. A pouring of ourselves, a praising through tears. From the sorrowful greys, to quiet hopes of light blues, greens/yellow and on to transformation and strengthening joy brighter colours and confident/free marks. 

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