Once a month I spend a few hours doing ‘Church Out.’ It’s an opportunity to spend time ‘out there’ being church in Cambourne amongst the vast majority of people who don’t attend a service. 

I have a place where I’m welcomed called ‘Greens’ and usually grab some good coffee and paint ‘prayer paintings’ for anyone who engages with what I’m doing.  

This morning nothing happened for over 2 hours other than saying hello to people and catching up with the staff and enjoying painting and then right at the end I had the most encouraging worthwhile conversation about life and faith with a guy. 

But that happened after I decided to pack up and head home! And just a sim getting ready to go we get talkig! It certainly taught me to enjoy being present and to sit and wait for the opportunity to share my faith. 

The prophetic painting I shared with the man I spoke with was described by him as being ‘very apt’ and be encouraged me with the words I had written on the painting. 

Sometimes opportunities to share faith don’t happen, but I recognise I need to be patient and wait.  

Here are some other paintings that I did this morning which two also found a home. 


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