I’m nearly home from a couple of days away visiting Andy Putt at Street Light Centre down in Wimbourne in Dorset. It’s an amazing skate park and cafe as well as a place that seeks to share the Christian faith.   

It’s been a good time but also quite hard too. My job was to be the speaker at the youth event and I didn’t find it easy: the crowd of young people were excited and slightly roudy and for some reason this flummoxed me a little… My talk felt clunky and didn’t connect.   

However, Sam a student of The Light Project did a stirling job sharing his story as to how Jesus changed his life.   

DJ Jozzy also did an immense job with the music and rapping… But my talk felt out of place.

Yet, 7 young people responded and said YES to following Jesus. To be honest, because of how awkward I found it giving the talk I kind of expected that the young people wouldn’t respond! Yes I know, bad call. 

What’s so good about those who responded at the event is the good follow up from the youth leaders they will have and an opportunity for the young people to know more about the Chriatian faith and join a local church. 

The following day we joined Andy in Wetherapoons with five young lads whom Andy has been discipling and helping work out what it means to be a Christian. It was so good to see and knowing that the 7 from the previous night would have the same opportunities gave me great hope. 

By contrast to the youth event that felt difficult in Poole Sam and I went out onto the streets to meet people and share Jesus. We didn’t have to try at all as soon we were deep in conversation with people we just happened to meet. It truly felt like God had gone before us. Sam even got to give his bible away. 

I do love what I do and even though it is hard at times I am rejoicing that 7 young people decided to say yes to following Jesus last night. 

4 thoughts on “7 say yes 

  1. This is so amazing in many ways I cannot put them all down just now. Sam is my grandson and this morning I was just praising God and thanking him. Thanking him for Dagenham parish church where I went an a youngster. For the Evangelical vicar we had, the curate who persuaded my non Christian parents to let me go on a CPAS Pathfinder camp, for the lady who led me to accept Jesus as my Saviour, the same church where I met my now husband, for our two daughters, for them going to similar camps and accepting Jesus, for one daughter becoming a leader at a camp, then her two sons going to camps, and now where Samuel is. Praise God, Thank God, for all He has and is doing. This just shows how when you plant a seed just where is can go, on, and on, multiplying, we can never know where it will lead. Chris, Sam and everyone keep planting.

  2. Hi Chris

    This was such an encouraging post – it blow my cocks off.

    Thanks for being so honest about how you felt about your talk.

    I too rejoice at 7 young people responding. It’s just so that they will be

    cared for and taught in a relevant way.

    Next Saturday I’m in the open air in Ormskirk – doing ‘Magic with a Message’.

    I’m taking part in a Churches Together afternoon give away in the town centre.

    I’ll be doing two 15 minute up front ‘talks’ using some visuals you know such

    As the cross and silks and a few that might be new to you. The rest of the time

    I’ll be walking around doing close up tricks and chatting with people. I’d

    value your prayers.

    I’m sure you know about the 4points. They have been on buses in this area in the lead up to Easter. I’m going to give all my neighbours [24 houses] a 4points chocolate

    bar and tract this week. It’s the most bold move I’ve ever made with the neighbours.

    I’ve help run a Street Nativity in our road for the past 10 years and all the neighbours know I’m some sort of ‘vicar’.

    Trying to keep shining into old age. Please pray for me.

    Every blessing – Dave

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