LP-CHES2014_steelAt The Light Project we love to use signs on the street to engage with people about the good news of Jesus. They prompt questions and often help people connect with what ever it is that we are offering to demonstate the gospel.

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In Peterborough we’re often known as the Free Hug People and members of the public regularly look out for us and receive a hug and an opportunity to share how they are doing.

I am excited to share that we have some new signs to use and I would love to share them with you!

img_4104We’ve teamed up with student of The Light Project and gifted artist Amy Bilson and commisoned her to make us five new hand-painted unique signs.

If you would like a set please do get in touch. You can eiether order a set of 5 laminated signs or I can email you a Pdf with all the signs and you can print off as many as you like!

A suggested donation of £25 to the work of The Light Project for a set of the 5 different signs or an email of the Pdf of the signs would be soooooo much appreciated and would help me continue doing what I and the team do out there on the streets.

The best way to give is on line and you can do that securely by following this link: A gift for the signs.

However, this really shouldn’t deter you in asking for the signs and whatever gift you can give to the amazing work of The Light Project would be appreciated.

Here are the 5 designs. They’re all in A4 but if you would like the pdf then you can print them as large or as small as you like.

Thank you so much for your amazing support!


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