Every year in March at The Light Project we have a time to evaluate where we are going and what we have been able to achieve. We either have a day or part of one and last week we spent an evening considering our vision. 

One thing is clear, while we have always believed in multiplying what we do we feel that we need to be even more-so intentional about it. Our desire is play our part to show and tell the good news of Jesus to the nations of the world. 

For the UK, my desire is that every city, town and village would have teams of people dedicated to revealing Jesus, planting churches, serving the poor and demonstrating the most lavish news this world has been graced with. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are countless others also working out this vision. We simply want to play our part in God’s mission. 
Here’s a painting I did as part of working out that visions. 

My desire is that we may plant seeds that grow into exhuberant outrageous gospel oozing communities!  
Here’s the process that I went through layering up the colour, light and texture:


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