I was asked to paint for a man who has had a huge influence upon my life. I am an evangelist and no other person has encouraged me in this vocation as much as Dave Bennett. 

I was commissioned to paint something propehtic for him (a painting that would encourage, strengthen and comfort him) and this is what I produced:

 The meaning and symbolism will remain for my friend but the two things which I will share is that the boat is called ‘Ruach’ which is Hebrew for the breath of God. 

Above the unfurled golden sail is a banner which declares ‘love’ in Greek. When I was part of Dave’s team doing outreach with Tell-a-Tourist in Chester we would often sing a song declaring that God’s banner over us is love! 

If you would like to commision me to paint for you please do get in contact with me. Follow this link for more info! 

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