One of my team described Friday’s chaplaincy in the city centre of Peterborough as her favouritist time of the week! 

It is mine too. 

What a joy to serve people and show and tell the good news of Jesus. I really mean that. What a JOY! 

Today I have listened to people and their heart ache, counseled people as they prepare for court dates, given copies of the gospel to people, hugged, brought gifts of doughnuts, prayed for healing, painted pictures that spoke of God knowing them, met with aan who is now a big encourager to me who I first met in the streets and I’ve had fun!  The team that I work with are brilliant and go the extra mile to let others know how valued and loved they are.

 We have some training days coming up in May and July in Peterborough on how to set up a city or town centre chaplaincy. One focusing on pub chaplaincy and another on the streets. Let me know if you would like the dates!

The person who I gave this picture to was encouraged by its significance and importance for her life. She wanted to make a donation and the free gift of it blew her away!  It was a profoundly powerful moment as I explained that I believed in a God who gave me a nudge to offer her this painting.  

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