Once a month I take a Sunday Out to do Church Out in and around Cambourne. It’s busy and the vast majority of people wouldn’t consider going to a service, so the idea is to intentionally show and share something of the Christian message with people around us.

Being amongst people as ‘church’ out in the community is such a good thing to do- it really is, and this morning Becky Dyball, trainee vicar and I had a great time!  

First off we comendeared a corner of our local cafe and painted prayers for people. Two couples who sat near us spoke with us and we offered paintings that we hoped would mean something to them. 

One lady said: “So… Don’t you have a service to lead on Sunday morning?”

I explained the idea of church out to be amongst people who don’t go to church and she thought it was a lovely idea. 

We then ventured into the community and prayed around and met people too, including a guy in one of the shops. 

How about taking time to do Church Out? If you would like some training to get ready I would be happy to offer some. Please do get in touch! 

Here’s some of the prayer paintings I did this morning.    


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