I love how God speaks. A few weeks ago a good friend of mine shared a story that encouraged me so so much. 

My friend John had been travelling around over Christmas time. A wander with tent and rucksack stuffed for all that he would need for a few weeks. 

He loves to help people and over the Christmas break he had helped to serve at a cafe who were offering a Chriatmas meal for people who are elderly. As well as helping he got to enjoy a hearty christmas meal, alongside another 2 through people’s generosity over the next few days. 

Soon after Christmas my friend was getting ready to leave the friendly town and continue on his wondering. He spied a church and decided to venture in to prepare himself for the leaner times that would lie ahead now that Christmas was over. 

He placed his bulky rucksack in the first available space cut out from the pews for wheel chair users and as he sat on the hard wooden pew he breathed out ‘the comforts are over.’ My fiend reasoned that he had had his creature comforts and now that the festivities where passed any hope of comforts for the journey ahead needed dispelling. 

As he thought this he looked down at his feet and the embroiled kneeler spoke to him quite powerfully. It read:  

My fiends name is John so to have ‘John’ after the sentence:

“I will not leave you confortless I will come to you.”

With that word of encouragement John stood up with the kneeler in his hand and said a simple prayer: “bring it on!” 

John then left the church building and a man walking past asked him what he was doing. John explained that he was travelling around and the man asked him to wait for a while as he wanted to fetch something for him. When he returned he had a small rucksack filled with socks, thermal hat, a fleece and a first aid kit. On the top was a freshly prepard (still hot) roast dinner. John was amazed! 

He was also given some money and for a few days kept on receiving comfort as people gave him gifts and showed such kindness to him! 

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