There are 3 unwritten rules when you travel in and around London: 1) Don’t ever make eye contact on the tube with anyone. Not even people who may look friendly, because they’re not. 2) DO NOT under any circumstances talk to anyone. Ever. and 3) DO NOT break rule 2 straight after breaking rule 1. 

Last week I met up with fellow Light project evangelist Glyn Jones. Enough said about rules as those who know Glyn know that he’s not the ‘rules’ kind of guy. He has a natural talent of inspiring others to also break social norms and always seems to connect with people in the most natural amazing way. It’s sickening really how he manages to engage with people with such ease! 

On this perticular day we had a full shedule of meetings, visiting places of mission and learning more about how to develop and grow our college of evangelism.

As we’re heading down one of the escalators to grab a train there is a couple in front of us. 

As I looked at them I was moved with compassion and whispered a silent prayer. It was very busy and in the hustle and bustle I could see that the woman was in pain and her husband was patiently walking with her. 

As Glyn and I stood at the platform waiting for our train I explain to him that I just need to go back and pray for the lady. 

I introduced myself to them and explained how my heart went out to them and whether I could offer to pray. The lady explained that she has breast cancer. I offer to pray for healing there and then on the busy platform and without even answering she humbly bows her head and waits. 

I turned to her husband and asked if I could place my hand upon her shoulder, they both nod together and I pray for them. In the hustle and bustle of the station the unmistakable presence of Jesus falls upon us and I feel his great love for the couple that I’ve just met. 

After praying we spoke together and we introduce themselves properly. Then they shook my hand and said thank you to me. We then went off we go our seperate ways. 
 How do we pray for people for healing? First we need to be moved with His great love for those around us. 

Without compassion our offers for prayer become mechanical and methodological, empty and void of the wave of love which the Holy Spirit loves to surf upon with his power. 

If you’re keen to grow in praying for people for healing may I encourage you to pray that you may be moved with compassion for those around you… And then act on being moved with it. 

One thought on “Moved with compassion, in the underground tube station…

  1. I was once giving out pasties to homeless people in Liverpool. I touched the arm of a young very thin man and he turned to look at me. He had a scar down his cheek and looked at me angrily. I think he was selling drugs to the homeless but I was shocked at the wave of love and compassion that came over me and I knew it was what Jesus was feeling for him. I was a bit scared but I help the pasty bag out to him and said “Jesus loves you but you need to reach out to him”. He just took the pasty and seemed as shocked as me. I think he felt Jesus too.

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