My friend John asked me to paint for him a Glory Train.

It took a while to get round to painting it, but this morning I had the honour of presenting him with it. 

I have painted for John before when he was very poorly in hospital a couple of years back. So why was it such an honour presenting him this painting?   

Well, not only is John one of Peterborough’s most well known people (he used to sell The Big Issue outside WH Smiths) he is also one of the kindest men I know. 

He is loved by so many in the city and his caring attitude to those around him means he is thought of very highly. 

He is also a walking miracle (he was given a short time to live a couple of years ago) and now is helping people in the most amazing way. (Even if he doesn’t quite see how amazing it is.) 

He always encourages me in what I do as city centre chaplain and reminds me time and again why I do what I do.   

What really encouraged me about giving the painting to John was the way he had ‘felt’ what the painting would look like. What I brought to him was the very thing he had pictured. 

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