The coffee tastes great. Really great. But what’s even more exciting than the blending of the beans is the pioneering way the mixing of creativity and faith sharing seems to happen. 

Husk coffee is a creative space. Lots of space. Space upon space. Space for art studios (room for 4 artists) and a music studio too. An exhibition space, 2 large meeting rooms and more room for tables and leather worn hipster sofas than you an shake a stick at. 

It’s a beautiful space. This afternoon I visited to share my creative ideas but I equally was inspired by the creativity of the place and the lavishness of time and resources devoted to sharing good news through the cafe as well as the arts. 

London City Mission run it but instead of a typical city mission of soup kitchens and loud fiery street corner preaching this is a pioneering place of building community and allowing God the creator to oooooze creativity from the artists and evangelists who serve and work there.

It’s also a good blend of ‘go and tell’ and ‘come and hear.’ My friend Heather visits homes and knocks on doors and approaches strangers out on the streets but also invites people to Husk. Like a lady who she was able to introduce the resident musicians to who then asked lots and lots of questions about faith. 

    I particularly loved the way artists coexist and mix. What I mean is artists of Jesus centred faith and those with non, rubbing shoulders and sharing in their creativity. 

 It gives me such hope that places like this really do exist and are willing to push the boundaries of how to reach out to people and introduce them to the one who says 

“Come to me and I shall give you rest.”

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