Last weekend I had the joy of lecturing at our college of evangelism based in Chester. 

There was much to reflect about afterwards but the thing that really got me was some thoughts from a first year student. Emma said that she had been dreading coming along to the learning weekend and wasn’t keen to do any theology. The only thing that gave her some hope was that in the module ‘introduction to biblical studies’ the word ‘introduction’ gave some comfort! 

Then she read us these thoughts and I hope they encourage you and speak to you as they do to me:

 I sometimes pick up my bible and to be truthful,
I just don’t want to read.

And yet your handy work still astounds me.

 The way your words dance off the page and into my heart.

It causes me to restart.

To be alert.

To feel a beat.

That makes me move.

That ignites a fire deep within me.


To keep on reading.

And I can read and read and read the same passage over and over again.

And still, it takes my breath away.

 Mark 15 Verse 37

“with a loud cry, Jesus breathed his last.”

 In that moment, as I repeat that verse over and over again.

I am thankful to you.

I am thankful that upon that cross he made the sacrifice I do not deserve to receive.
 That I have a king, a friend, a rock.

That gives up everything

So I might have everything.

 That takes a final breath

So I can have eternal breath

With him.  

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