A couple of years ago I led a training day with a baptist church. After the service and training we went out and shared our faith in different ways. A couple joined me from the leadership of the church with ‘prophetic art’ and while they enjoyed the experience they were disappointed to not have met anyone to whom they could give their new prices of art work to. 

Sometime later in the day they asked to talk with me and to be prayed for about a matter that had brought them both much heart ache. As they wept and spoke about their situation with me I asked them to give to one another the paintings they had done earlier that afternoon. Both paintings spoke powerfully into their situation.

Today I have painted and prayed for the day. As I did I painted two pictures which I didn’t realise were actually for me! One a promise from over 20 years ago when I became a church community worker for Hoole Baptist Church in Chrster. My first job. 

One of the elders prophesied that the roots of my work would go deep, and that I was like an oak tree. He declared that the roots would go to the community, the city and then to the nation and then nations. I must be honest and say that I painted this today and did wonder who it was for until I had a bit of a ‘doh!’ moment and realised it was for me!   

The other painting simply declares ‘strength’ again something that I feel God speaking into me today. To be strong.  

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