The practical side of the course that I teach a module on includes putting into practice some of the creative ways to reach out to spiritual seekers. 

Here are some of the highlights:  

This painting was for a lady who was drawn to us and who ‘got’ what we were doing. She was so encouraging and kind in complimenting what we were doing. She said that I may just be the door that opens her faith. “It’s @£-#$¥ marvelous” she said!

Some of the team enjoying some coffee and painting and praying for people.
The man who this was for was from Portugal and Google Translate helped me write ‘peace, hope and security’ within the roots of the tree.
The couple who I gave this to said that they would get it framed! They loved it so much and kept saying thank you which was very encouraging!
We also had a go at using The Jesus Deck which was great fun! 

If you would like more information in training with us please do follow this link and see what courses we offer!  

2 thoughts on “Prayer paintings in Pret a manger

  1. I shared those three Portuguese words with my Portuguese friend and work colleague who sits next to me in work…thanks Chris

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