Some cracking thoughts from my friend Sean who was at Fresh Streams conference. Like me, he was somewhat encouraged by Kate Coleman and her insightful teaching.

Fountains Thoughts


I wish I could convey to you, dear reader, just what an excellent time I have had at this year’s Fresh Streams Conference. If you are not familiar with Fresh Streams, may I suggest you take a look at them (

One of the highlights, for me, was the teaching given by Rev Dr. Kate Coleman. Kate has this incredible skill of taking a passage and helping you see it through different eyes. She did that with the story of Jairus daughter (Mark 5 vs. 21 – 43, Matthew 9 vs. 18-25, Luke 8 vs. 41 – 56).

In a nutshell,  Jairus is an important official and his daughter is ill and dying. He risks his reputation and status by coming publically to Jesus and asking for help. Jesus agrees and, whilst on his way, Jesus is interrupted by a woman who touches the hem of His garment. The result…

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