This morning I spoke at Cambourne Church and launched a new series looking at the Gospel of Mark. In this series we are going to grapple with the question: ‘If we are called to become more like Jesus, what is he like?’

Over two months we are going to unpack stories that reveal His character and seek to apply his example to live our lives by. Through looking at Marks gospel we hope to cover 3 areas:

–What kind of things does he do?

–How can we follow his example?

–How do we apply Jesus’ example for our front lines?




The areas that we are covering are:


1. Jesus is the good news.
2. Jesus is the one who calls us to do what he does.
3. Jesus, the master story teller.
4. Jesus, the healer.
5. Jesus and the company he keeps.
6. Jesus the miracle maker.
7. Jesus and the way of the cross.
8. Jesus is the one who lays down his life for His friends.

What really excites me is that this morning over 100 gospels were taken today after the service with a commitment to read, carry and share the good news with people that we meet!

I strongly believe that when we share the message of Jesus with poeple that lives are transformed!

You can order copies of Marks gospel by following thsi link here.

4 thoughts on “Read, carry, share 

  1. Chris how can I get a copy of this? Wondering if it might be good to use with a post alpha small group – beta group!
    Clare (from Chester Uni back in the day)

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