What makes a good King? A poem.

prince-charlesYesterday on Radio 4’s Thought for Today Prince Charles shared his Christmas insights to the nation. I listened to it and was impressed with his commitment to the Christian faith. The Guardian reports: ‘The prince has only done Thought for the Day twice before, and he took this opportunity to tidy up some loose ends. Without reneging on an ambition he expressed in an interview in 1994 to be “defender of faith” rather than “the faith”, he made his loyalty to the Christian church explicit. His appearance was also a public confirmation that the twitchy relationship he has with the BBC was on an improving trend.’

It just so happened that yesterday at our Christmas concert at Lighthouse cafe in our village I performed this poem asking ‘what makes a good King?’ While Charles’ Thought For Today was indeed a well written devotion, I’m not sure how much he connects and relates to people. That’s not meant as a criticism, rather a simple observation as he is  a man of immense privilege who lives in beautiful palaces.

My poem reflects on the Royal King Jesus who became like you and me.

baby-jesusWhat makes a Good king?

Someone who’s been THERE done THAT and got the T-SHIRT or two,

Someone like me, and you

Yet even kinder

Someone who doesn’t need a beefy minder

To keep away the riff raff- who’s fame isn’t naff

Hidden away in a ivory tower gaff


What makes a Good king?

Someone who’s been THERE done THAT and got the T-SHIRT or three,

Someone like you or me, but not temperamental, rock like- strong- not sentimental,

Higher-able than me, worthy of Kingly attention

What else should I mention?

This King lives on and on, he doesn’t sit at home watching daytime TV drawing his pension.


What makes a Good king?

Someone who’s been THERE done THAT and got the T-SHIRT or four or five?

Someone who isn’t from a bygone era, not dead, you know ALIVE!

Someone whose care really is beyond compare, who’s fair,

Looks out for the lost ones of us

Who doesn’t make a fuss- about stuff like palaces or bling

But life in abundance is his mission to bring


What makes a Good king?

Someone who’s been THERE done THAT and got the T-SHIRT or six or seven,

Yep, you’ve guessed it, someone who came down from heaven,

To reign, under His name, to make us all the same, once more, children who adore the one who made this entire place

Who’s revealed His face, through the One who is the Son

Born for you in this space,

To replace

Your old to new

He’s here. Born for you. He’s here. Born for you.


If you would like to use this poem, please do. If you perform it the words in capitols can be said by the audience.

God bless you and Happy Christmas!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sheila Bucknrll says:

    I loved this Chris , like all your writings you sum up the message in a
    Language for us all.
    What a gift you have
    God bless you and keep you
    Love Sheila

    1. Chris says:

      Sheila, thank you for encouraging me so much! Happy Christmas.

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