I have a pile of work in my in tray that seems to be closer to the ceiling than usual, a gazillion and one emails to sort and a load of people I really should catch up with.

So when I didn’t have the transport to get to my monthly prayer day at the beautiful Fenland Hermitage the temptation was to miss my usual prayer day. 

However, instead of knuckling down with these other things I packed a picnic and went to pray and walk for the day. It was cold yet bright and as I walked around the fields of Great Gransden pausing to reflect, write and pray I felt the Lord speak about the vital role of prayer. 

Without connecting afresh with him all I would be part of leading would be a good ‘business’ rather than a ministry that seeks the fame of Jesus.  Spending time with Jesus places things in the right perspective and brings insights and inspiration that I simply wouldn’t have otherwise.

My top tip for all of us who can have the flexibility within our diaries to place a whole day in is to take a day a month to pray.

I’m so pleased I kept to mine this month.  

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