One of the regulars that I’ve known for a few years from the pub laughed at me when I mentioned that we had a new team working in The College Arms in Peterborough. It’s the kind of pub that requires bouncers on the door. 

“You really have moved into Satan’s back yard!” He jeered. “Are you crazy?!” 

I simply stood there and said how good it was to be amongst people in the pub and be available to help and share some good news too. His laughter did make me a little nervous though, but then I reasoned that he had been tucking into a few pints and it was still 10am in the morning, so it could have been the beer causing the heckling. 

The new team in the pub consist of 4 of our new trainee students and a regular chaplain who has recently joined them. 

The way they are engaging with people is through offering an opportunity to play board games. 

It was so good to see it in practice this morning and while they play they form relationships, listen to any heart ache that people need to share and gently offer prayer.


The beer mats that they have come up with have yet to be printed up but the design looks like this:

 On the other side the offer of prayer will be the same as the other Wetherspoons pub we have had a chaplaincy presence in: 


But that comment from that regular at the pub got me thinking. 

As The Light Project we really do want to be in the places that will reach people who need hope the most. Call it what you will, we desire to be in places where people need what we’ve got.

It also got me thinking about an old song that went round and round my head today and teaches something of the purpose of Jesus’ mission: 

‘For this purpose Christ was revealed, to destroy the works of the evil one. Christ in us shall overcome!’

As we hang out in Wetherspoons and on the streets our hearts desire is that we will see people encounter the one who makes all things new and brings heaven to earth. 

Where is it that you can go to show and tell good news? 

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