A few days ago I gave away my cap. It had a little feather in it and I had become quite attached to it, especially in this cold weather.  

Yesterday a lady who lives in the village gave me 3 wooly hats that she had knitted. All for me. Not one, but three! 

As I received the kind gift I felt blessed and was reminded about all kinds of things about what God is like. He is generous. He sees everything we do, nothing is hidden from him, even giving small gifts. Jesus’ teaching came to mind that it is better to give than recieve and also the promise of his provision when we give.  


I love how God speaks through the actions of others. This kind gift reminds me so much of the kindness of God. 

Yes I know it’s a small rather trivial thing but I want to encourage you to look out for God speaking to you through the every day actions of others and small signs, like a wooly hat. 

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