It’s Sunday morning and I’m heading out onto the streets of Peterborough with some of my team. It’s wet and grey. 

Despite the misery of the weather this is my favourite time to be church… Hanging out with the majority of people who don’t go to church.

I love bringing life giving affirming words to people and this morning is no different. We hope to remind people about Jesus being light in darkness.

But there’s a problem. The theme I want to communicate, I have to admit to the team, that I’m not too sure where the actual verse is from!

One of my team Rosemary says a cheeky prayer asking to be guided to the right verse, opens up her bible and looks down. The very first verse she reads, much to her surprise is John 12.46:

Jesus said: ‘I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.’   

So we head off armed with a load of gospels of John and some lights and torches that we write some verses on. 

We meet many people between us. One guy called Billy declares ‘This sounds fascinating, I shall read this book later!’ One man asked for prayer for healing. A lady on a quick fag break asks whether she can put a light in her staff room with a gospel and encourages us in what we’re doing.  

It really is such a privilege to meet people and share good news, that Jesus meets us in our darkness and brings light.


The team hard at work preparing the lights and torches to give away:

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