We had a few hours to explore and hang out in Cambridge. Amy, one of the students with The Light Project was visiting to glean ideas for town centre evangelism for Poole on the south coast.   

We went to hand out free Cambridge postcards and also Free Hugs. The gestures prompted some questions as to why and what we were doing and we had the opportunity to explain something about our faith to those who asked. 

I chose 4 postcards and wrote words of encouragement on each that would strengthen and comfort.Each one of the four found their right ‘home’ and the four people I spoke to with the words were so appreciative. Especially the man I met in the pub at lunch who was happy to be prayed for too. 

It’s such a joy heading ‘out’ and meeting people and sharing good news.

What have you got to give away that could symbolise the grace of God to those you meet.  

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