For a while I’ve wanted to communicate with people the teaching of Jesus where he asks people to come to him if they are weary and burdened.

He promises that he will give rest. Not just a weight off the feet kind of rest but a rest for the very core; rest for the soul.  Jesus teaches that the ‘yoke’ he asks us to carry is light and easy.

To try and represent this I rustled together 5 old knackered suitcases off ebay and with my amazing team of students we painted them with chalk board paint and asked 5 questions, one for each suitcase:

1. Who’se pain do you carry?

2. How does your burden compare to carrying this? (On a suitcase filled with bricks!)

3. Can burdens be this light? Try carrying this. (On a suitcase filled with feathers.)

4. Who said this? “Come to me those who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

5. Leave your burdens here. (Pointing to a seatee that we were given for the streets!)



As well as setting up the suitcases I positioned a place to paint next to a simple painting of a ‘feather.’

Taking the theme of the yoke of Jesus being light and easy.

My prayer was that we would meet someone who would connect with and love the painting and that we would be able to bless them with it. Towards the end we found that very person for whom the painting meant so much! They were so happy to recieve the free gift of it and were also prayed for by some of the team. 

How could you represent some of the teachings of Jesus through using art and symbolism?

3 thoughts on “Why did we take 5 old suitcases, a donated sofa and a painting of a feather onto the streets?

  1. PLEASE keep sharing! We are so thankful to have other creative evangelists out there! The Refuge here in portland, Oregon thanks you for sharing the ideas God has given you! We do encounter a fair amount of opposition here, but if anything is going to work: it will be these kinds of outreaches.

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