It’s all too easy to not notice people around us. Often when it comes to faith sharing we can’t see the wood through the trees or rather the people through the crowds. 

Divine appointments are often very ordinary and look like the very people right under our noses. 

Today I had the joy of teaching our small group of students who are placed with me. They’re awesome, excited and willing to change this world for Jesus! We worked on our Personal Vision Statements (PVS), a document that they are shaping that will be solely for themselves to keep them on track and remind themselves what they believe God is asking them to do and where they believe He is calling them.

Right at the top of my PVS is a reminder to lift up my eyes and see that the harvest is white and consists of the very people I see around me day in and day out. 

Like the lady I prayed for last Friday in Sheffield train station who liked the hat I gave her but loved the prayers even more.   

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