Today was my most favourite Sunday to be at church… One Sunday a month I take a ‘Sunday out’ to be amongst people who wouldn’t usually go to church. This often means doing something creative on the streets but today it was chucking it down.

Furthermore, I didn’t have a plan. Added to my lack of organisation, on my team I had the grand total of one person.

Sam, one of The Light Project students brought his guitar and after a hearty breakfast we decided to play some worship songs in the pub while I spoke with people. Praise in the pub. It really was good. 

Once it had cheered up outside we then went into the centre of the city and did reverse busking: playing music and giving away chocolate and sweets!

People loved the idea of ‘reverse busking’ and we had some conversations too sharing good news with people.

Sometimes the best thing is really to just hang out, go with the flow, use what you’ve got and see what happens.

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