I live in a very small village. It’s quaint. More thatched cottages than you can shake a stick at. One pub. One shop. It’s a privilege to live there. 

I love living ‘in the middle of nowhere.’ I really do. It’s like a haven, a heavenly retreat from the busyness and bustle of ministry and a place where I also get to do what I do in revealing Jesus to those around me. 

But whenever I venture into London I am inspired afresh to do more and for The Light Project to grow and develop right across this nation. It’s so ram packed with people and at The Light Project we really do love people! 

We long for the nations to be reached and for everyone within our generation to have an opportunity to say yes or no to that priceless invitation to come and follow Jesus and join a movement of people who will change this world for his fame and renown. We’re playing our part in this commision but there is so much more to be done! 

London inspires me to do more to show and tell the good news. 

Today I spent the day around the city with fellow evangelist Andy Putt who is a past student of The Light Project and the founder of The Street Light Project down in Wimborne. 
It was so good to pray together, to encourage one another and temind each other that God is with us. 

Today we prayed around Islington and longed and hoped that we could see more and more people raised up to courageously share their faith with those who have yet to hear the good news of Jesus. 


 As we prayed I saw this sign near the Google office: Not for self but for all. The good news isn’t just for me or you. It’s for all.  

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