Yesterdays team day with our students who are on placement with me was somewhat unusual. 

As part of our team activity we went and looked at gravestones. I then asked them to write theirs! This wasn’t some kind of macabre excercise to put the fear of God into them, rather an opportunity to think through the vision we have for our lives. What is it that we want to be remembered for? 

Over the next few weeks each student will learn how to write their own ‘Personal Vision Statement’ which will include what they hope to achieve over the next 12 months and some big goals for their whole lives. 

When I die, on my gravestone I would love this to be written: 

Chris was a good husband, dad and friend. He was full of faith and the Holy Spirit. Many people were brought to the Lord Jesus through him. 

  This description is copied from Barnabas and the description of him in the book of Acts. 

Writing a Personal Vision Statement is something I learnt when I did the Arrow leadership programme. It’s one of the most valuable lessons I’ve kept and this has brought incredible help for ministry and has ensured that on the whole I keep focused to what I’m called to do. 

It also helps me develop and keep healthy patterns for rest, work and play. It also includes ‘life rules’ which I have developed as well as goals for prayer, study and reading.

I then submit my PVS to my mentor who keeps me to account with the things that I believe I need to have vision with.   

The start of a PVS is thinking about what we hope to achieve and be remembered for with out lives.

What would you hope to see on your Grave stone when you die?*  

*= I know that Jesus is coming back soon, but we don’t know when and it could be after we have died and entered into the temporary heaven before the new Earth and Heaven come! 

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