Today I saw a miracle in front of my very eyes. Really. I really did. 

It was breathtaking and to be honest I’m still somewhat shocked, although it was all very normal at the same time.  Like most Friday’s I went round the tables in The Drapers pub and gave out our beer mats and invited people to join us for table talk (a conversation game around a table!) 

I asked a man what had happened to his hand  to which he explained that back in the month of May he was moving some garden ornaments and one broke and crushed his fingers and damaged his hand badly.

I explained that I prayed for people to be healed in the name of Jesus and asked wether he wanted me to pray for his hand. He agreed and held his hand to me. I was somewhat surprised at his eagerness and asked if I could pray there and then. He said that he was happy and also agreed that I could lay my hands upon his. 

After praying he said that a warm sensation had gone through his hand and with that he started moving his fingers and explained that he hadn’t been able to bring his thumb to touch his fingers before being prayed for, and now he had all the flexibility back! 

He kept moving it and appeared to be in some kind of shock. I explained that it was a sign that God knew him and loved him.   
A few minutes later I introduced him to Dave who is one of my chaplaincy team. The man explained to Dave what had happened and that he was now able to move his hand, and was freely showing Dave his new movements! 

I offered him a book, a copy of Luke’s gospel which he was so happy to receive.  

 We shared the story with one of the regulars that we see week in week out. This in turn led to us praying for his leg and laying hands on him. In the pub.  He explained that he felt a great warmth as I prayed. 
Then Dave and I, as we tucked into some curry for lunch, prayed for some words from God’s heart for the man we had just prayed for. I had a picture of him on a green bicycle and having so much fun… I shared this with him and he spoke about how much he used to love his little green bike as a boy and remembered so well. 

This led to sharing some prophetic words with him, and even though he had drunk a few pints by this time he seemed to soak it all in! 

It’s such an adventure doing what I do. I’m so grateful that I get to share and show the best news this world has ever been graced with. 

9 thoughts on “As I prayed for the mans hand in the pub something happened that blew me away…

  1. Wow! Praise Jesus! This is so encouraging. Do you feel this increased your faith for healings? I am a complete believer that Jesus still heals through us today but I have struggled with fear of stepping out boldly (in a public setting) as you did. But I have faith He will work on that in me. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Beautiful!! My heart is with you in that pub! Your pictures are heavenly! Emily drew a prophetic picture for a friend today two hands full of acorns – what does that mean I wonder?!

      1. Jen is right, but it’s even better than she thinks! An acorn is enough to create an oak tree with deep roots. But that mighty oak tree will produce many more acorns that will make more oak trees. So out of a single acorn can come an entire forest!

        And that is what Emily’s picture means. The people who have been healed need to become disciples (oak trees). As they follow Jesus more and more they will heal and teach others and more disciples will take root… Wow!

        All living things reproduce like this. Papa said, ‘Go out, multiply, and fill the Earth’. The Son said, ‘Go to the ends of the earth and make disciples, and I’ll be with you’… Wow again!

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