I’m just tootling home from The Breakout Gathering, the annual national gathering for pioneers. 

I’m heading home feeling pooped but deeply encouraged. Encouraged to keep going and do what I do and to seek to bring good news to those who have yet to hear. 

The theme for this year was ‘Good News’ and each of the sessions carried something powerfully unique. All of the teaching worked through the integrity of those who delivered it, especially the last session with Ruth Perrin who spoke frankly about disappointments in ministry and our own walk with Jesus. Her words carried such a weight of God’s presence many of us where reduced to tears.

Here’s the programme that we went through: 

It wasn’t just the teaching that brought insights for pioneering. It was also the conversations and times in the bar that sparked off new ideas. 

The chaplains also led us in improvised worship and prayer, which while a bit uncomfortable for some was deeply moving as people sang out new songs of praise and worship! 

Next year Breakout is 13th- 15th September 2017 in Hoddleston, the High Leigh conference centre. 

My heart for next year is for Young Pioneers to join us. If you are able to come and bring a younger pioneer please do. The UK still desperately needs Jesus and we need all the encouragent on offer to keep going, so come and join us next year!  

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