Today was a ram-packed full day. Speaking, teaching, outreach and guest speaker at a church that meets in COSTA coffee. It was great! I love my job so much! To work with such an enthusiastic bunch of people made it so easy. 

But what really encouraged me the most today was treasure hunting.

You may have heard of it: Ask God to tell you who it is that you’re going to meet and what they need prayer for. And then go. Prayer needs, I have found over the years, has usually been about healing. So today as part of the training with Huntingdon Community Church we had a time of ‘going out’ and practicing listening to God. It was go good to have a practical experience in bringing words from God’s heart to people’s hearts. 

There were some people that we met that matched our clues but for each one they politely said that they weren’t the treasure we were looking for! But when we saw two guys at the band stand I felt that we needed to talk to them, even though they were enjoying cans of lager and one was busy on the phone, wheeling and (what looked like) dealing. Drugs. It was hard to know for sure though! 

It was when I shared about the clue about praying for someone with pain in their little finger on the left hand that he listened intently and then said that it was him!   

He explained how in the winter he looses all kind of sensation in it. He said that it just becomes useless and doesn’t actually work. 

I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed and after laying hands on it and commmanding healing in the name of Jesus he said that it felt better but that he would let us know for sure when it got cold in the winter! 

We had such a good time talking together and explaining the good news of Jesus.  All through bringing a word about the little finger on someone’s left hand!  

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