I’m always humbled when I’m out ‘there.’ Things seem to happen ‘there’ and it’s in the going ‘there’ that I encounter Jesus seeking the lost.

Today was no exception. 

A day of being out in the city of Peterborough, first in the pub for the morning and secondly the afternoon on the streets. 

It was the afternoon that really got me. I spent some time with two of my volunteers looking out for people who are part of the street culture. Those who are rough sleepers and literally homeless, but also those who feel homeless who lack community and family.

It was as I followed up a deep concern I had for one of the guys on the street that I encountered the adventure of being out ‘there’ magnified. I felt I needed to go to the police station to talk through how I believed a friend from the streets is in danger of harm (drug dealers looking to hurt him for not paying) and also that through his injecting drugs his clothing was covered in blood. Basically he was in a bad way. 

The police officer I reported this to had seen me on the streets before at the very time when I was talking to this guy (coincidence ?!) He also was very open to hear about what we did. 

On my way back from the police I felt prompted to ask a lady if I could pray for her. It turned out she was in a lot of pain with her arm. She asked for more information and I was able to give her a copy of John’s gospel. She was so happy to be prayed for!

A man on a market stall then saw me and even though I hadn’t met him before he poured out his heart about his marriage break up. He asked me to pray for a miracle! 

I then met an old busker friend who I hadn’t seen for months who I had been concerned about. Again another opportunity to bless and encourage. ‘I always feel so much better when I see you.’ He beamed. 

It’s when we go ‘out there’ that we encounter the one who is always ‘out’ seeking the least, last and lost. 

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