On holiday we went to a French community gala. As well as some fun activities there were a range of stalls which held an array of brick-a-brac.

Some old keys caught my eye.

I love the look of keys. They’re like mini sculptures, shaped to do a job but without knowing what door they are for I enjoy them aesthetically, the shape and patterns that they create intrigue me.

My fascination with using keys in art started a couple of year’s ago when I got some keys cut in the shape of the cross to give away to people on the streets of Glasgow. Around this time Sister Catherine, one of my city centre chaplain volunteers shared with me her community slogan. She is part of the Community of the Holy Name. The main base is in Derby but they also have a community house in Peterborough on the Welland estate. Unbeknown to me Catherine shared with me that their slogan is:

The Cross of Christ is the key to Heaven.

This slogan influenced a large street based sculpture I did for the city centre of Peterborough where I gave away over 350 keys with tags that shared messages of hope.


You can read more about that experience here:

So, when I found the keys in France I wanted to do something with them, give them away perhaps or make something out of them. Yesterday I spent a bit of time in-between looking after the children and playing games I made 3 sculptures with some old drift wood I had collected from previous holidays.

Here are the results:




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