Yesterday was one of the most significant days I’ve encountered in my ministry for a long time. 

The Trustees and core team of The Light Project met to pray and fast for the day and simply seek God for our needs.   

What was extraordinary about the whole day, which was hosted at a community called ‘Sisters of Jesus Way’ in West Kirby, was the presence of God with us as we prayed. This was seen in miracles- littary!

One of the team had pulled their back and was doubled over and was in extreme pain so much so they felt nauseous. We prayed for healing and she was instantly made better. 

We also interviewed for a fundraising post and in the same room that I ten years previously I had cried out to God for help to raise funds we apointed a new Supporters and Grants fundraiser- Exciting answer to prayer or what! 

The way God spoke to us was powerful: through his word and through pictures and prophetic insights. We left the day reluctantly wanting to linger and enjoy the goodness of God we had encountered in that place. 

Prayer and fasting together is such a powerful thing to do… We’ve already made plans for the next time we shall gather to do the same! 

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