It was so good to see the cross that I made for street light being right at the heart of the skate park.   It’s hugely symbolic.

My friend and fellow evangelist Andy Putt leads street light in Wimborne and while the project runs as a business as a well used cafe and skate park it is so much more. It’s a place where Jesus is spoken about and where people are prayed for. It’s a place where strangers become friends become disciples. 

It’s so good to see how street light is a place where people can encounter the Chriatian faith, and not only Skate in a skate park run by Christians, but see and hear good news through the staff and team. 

Please do pray for Andy and his amazing team as they welcome young people onto the park and where many more make themselves at home in the cafe.  

Andy is one of out past students (he actually studied with us twice) and is one of the most kind people I know. He is so good at introducing people to The Christian faith and helping people grow as followers of Jesus. 

You can find out more about out training programme here 

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