aninaAnina Thomas, evangelist and co-leader of The Light Project in Chester (pictured here with Gaz her husband) sent a story today that I thought would encourage you. Especially for those of us who are getting ready for some family holiday time. She writes:

I wanted to share a story to encourage you. We’ve been on holiday in Paris for a few days and on the last morning, I was asking God about healing as means to demonstrate the nearness of the Kingdom and asking God if I was really called to that sort of thing, if I could have a bit more practice!

Winnie had a final swim yesterday morning and I had gone into the changing rooms to help her when I struck up a conversation with a beautiful woman from Mauritius in her late 60s. It was faltering (we spoke French!) but we both recognised in one another something special. I explained I was a woman of prayer and she agreed she was too. I told her I prayed to Jesus and she told me she was a Muslim. We agreed about the power of prayer in life.
On our way out, she asked me to be praying for her for a pain in her leg. I offered prayer changing-room-hanger-symbol-sign-s2-0954there and then, in the little changing room and she agreed. I felt prompted to pray in French, “en nom de Jesus, avec la force de l’eslrit Sante!” (My best school pigeon-French!). Immediately afterwards, she looked surprised, turned round and said “the pain is nearly gone!” I asked if I could pray again, this time for her back and ankle. She was astounded and was moved. She kept hugging me and then hiding her eyes in sadness that we would be parted, strangers though we were. I told her she could pray to Jesus herself and ask Him into her life (we were already late to leave for our train by now!). She said she had never met Him before like this. We walked up together and she introduced me to her husband, where she burst into tears as she recounted what had just happened. He told me she had been suffering with osteo-arthritis and was a very sensitive person, prone to sickness.

re union
I love it when Jesus shows people He is real. I am also aware for her that to introduce a Muslim to Jesus and then to not see her again may have massive implications for her, so do join me in praying for her and what happens next. Isn’t He wonderful….

You can find more about what Anina does and why through her amazing book Re:union.


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