In my ministry as an evangelist there are some things that I get to do that I can’t quite believe I get to do them as my job! 

I get a buzz out of bringing good news in places and to people. I believe what I have is so so good and I desire that others would have what I’ve got too!

  Today’s activity is no exception and I feel immensely privileged to have worked alongside the talented Epiphany music in the city of Peterborough in my role as city centre chaplain. 

We met at 10.30am, a time when most Christians are at a Sunday service and the vast majority of people simply don’t attend Church. 

Rather than tip up to play at a church service Epiphany first performed outside Argo lounge, a bar and cafe under St Peter’s arcade. It was magical as the sound echoed so beautifully and the arcade was filled with the heavenly music. 

Sound portraits 

6 people had their portrait painted there with music. This is a unique ministry that Epiphany have in showing something of God’s heart to the heart’s of those to whom they are creating music for.   

 For one lady it really felt that ‘this is why we were there’ kind of moment, she needed to know so desperately that she was known and loved as she was carrying immense heart-ache from a recent bereavement. 

On the streets

  Afterwards some of the team went and performed some light classics in the town hall square. I found this a good opportunity to talk with people and share snippets of the good news, and I was also able to give out some copies of the gospel of Mark. Added to this we had some cards that explained that the gift of music was from the churches in the city centre. As chaplain I get to represent the 8 churches in the city centre, alongside my cracking team of volunteers! – an awesome responsibility!  

In the pub

It was the third and final part of our day in the city that really blew we away. The team set up in The Drapers Arm’s, our local Wetherspoon’s pub where we have been serving as chaplains on most Friday mornings over the past 3 years. 

After a slow start I decided to show those watching in the pub what a ‘sound portrait’ looked like and I volunteered to be played for. This was a rich blessing and it unlocked a flow of people afterwards and the group did a further 10 or so ‘sound portraits.’ People were amazed by what they experienced as they were played for. This ranged from feeling very emotional when they heard their portrait being played to feelings of peace and calm.  

I also combined the sound portraits with paintings for people. Here are a few that I did for people, including for some children, which I shared in communication with their parents:   

  The whole experience was like a clash of kingdoms and cultures. One culture that says: there is no hope, you are not worth anything and if there is a God, he doesn’t know you or love you. 

The Kingdom of heaven that Epiphany brings shows that: there is hope, you are special and of value and there is a God who knows you and loves you! 

It was such a joy serving and experiencing the talent of Epiphany as they lavishly minister to people from God’s heart to their hearts.  

The whole experience is rather absurd and over the top, like a King of Kings coming to dwell amongst people on the earth and declares that he will make all things new! 


Epiphany can be found by clicking here

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