This months Wetherspoons magazine has a little article about what I do with my merry group of volunteer chaplains. The title is rather toungue in cheek: ‘Finding God in the Drapers arms.’ 

However the title is one which I believe to be true. As a chaplaincy team we experience God time and time again in the pub.  

One lady who asked for prayer opened her eyes after being prayed for and asked, ‘excuse me, but what is this all over me?’ She explained that she felt ‘peace’ all over her arms and chest. When I explained that it was God she explained: “God?! What, in the f’ing pub?” 

  What I love to do in my role is paint prayers for people. I call them prayer paintings but they really are ‘prophetic pictures.’ 

I often grab a coffee and sit quietly and pray and as I do paint. These often turn out to be for specific people. One young man whom I painted for recently simply asked, ‘but how did you know?’ 


If you would like to join us we have a training day in September for pub Chapliancy on Friday 23rd September 10-4. We only have 30 places available for the training and you can book in early to secure your place through emailing Sue, evangelist with Light Project Peterborough at:

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