I love it when churches ‘get out there’ in the midst of their communities. Especially on a Sunday, it kind of feels free from ‘religiousness’ and a bit naughty to be church in the mix of life, rather than hidden away in buildings that for most remain inaccessible. 

Last Sunday the churches in Huntingdon lavishly showed and told their faith through a beach party! It’s become an annual event, and last Sunday was their 3rd.

Stories from the bible were told in the middle of the beach area and they also had a range of free gifts and refreshments: smoothies a cracking BBQ, cakes and tea. There was a smaller areas for face painting, art and ‘making paper boats.’  

I spoke to people as to what they thought of the beach party and that it is put on by the churches. What was clear was how perceptions were being changed and people had a new perspective as to what it means to be ‘church.’ 

I was so pleased to visit and soak up the atmospheare and see people who wouldn’t usually engage with ‘church’ enjoy and celebrate being with the church.   

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