God is like a dad who loves to hold our hands 

This morning was our monthly ‘Sunday Out’ in Peterborough. It’s a treat for me, one of my favourite ways to be and do church. A right ole’ highlight if I’m honest! Not that I don’t like services or singing songs, it’s just that this feels more like how church really can be, reaching out to those who have yet to engage with or hear what it means to be a Christian. 

So, on a Sunday morning when the majority of people don’t go to a church service I like to take ‘church’ to that majority. 

Sometimes I have a sizeable team (mostly from the chaplaincy volunteers) but today it was only me and Rosemary. She prayed that what we would do would somehow be multiplied and we would meet lots of people. And we did. 

What I had prepared needed more people than just Rosemary and I so instead of using trays of paint I chose chalks to gather people’s handprints. The idea being that on ‘Father’s day’ we could speak about God being the best kind of dad. 

When we were setting up, the phrase ‘God is like a dad who loves to hold our hands’ came to mind, so I wrote that across the top of the canvases: 

It was so good to meet people and share our faith with them, some people shared about their experience of ‘dad’ in their lives as well as what they believed about what God is like. 

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  1. Tony Drury-Smith says:

    How did you get permission to post your God Slot

    Dr Tony Drury-Smith

    Coal Aston Methodist, Dronfield

    1. Chris says:

      Please explain more about the God slot Tony?

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