After speaking at an all age service in Luton yesterday I joined a few people out and about in the town centre to share our faith. It was good to meet people, talk and give some things away too. What really struck me was one of the team stated:

“I’ve walked up and down these streets hundreds of times and I’ve never opened my eyes and actually seen people.”

We spoke together about how he felt. It was only in the action of intentionally ‘going out’ to share his faith that he looked up and noticed people.

It got me thinking about the times I don’t even notice people when I’m rushing from one place to another. It also got me thinking about how I use the time when I travel. Do I notice those around me as people whom Jesus would ask me to share His love with?

Jesus said to his first friends: ‘I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.’ John 4.35 

This challenging teaching happened straight after Jesus stopped and sat by a well to talk to one person.

The key to a ripe harvest is opening our eyes and seeing the individuals who are part of the harvest, one by one.

My prayer is that you will today open your eyes and see people around you. Not as people to be feared but people to be loved.  

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