Today we tried out some of the new signs we made as a team on our team day.

The much used ‘need prayer’ sign worked so much better as a ‘can I pray for you?’ one instead.

In the debrief after the afternoon out in Cathedral Square I had a small list of 4 names of people who took up the offer of prayer. All prayer requests connected with alcoholism and struggles that this brought to people’s lives. 

 Paddy road tested his ‘?s’ sign and while this didn’t bring people to talk with him it was certainly noticed in the pub. It’s a sign that is from the heart, one that is vulnerable and open. Too often, I fear, Christians present that following Jesus is an end to all questions of life. Paddy’s sign acknowledges that he too has questions that he would value talking through. Good on him! 

By the way, can you spot Ian photo-bombing behind the gaming machine?!

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