endhandTeam days are always a treat and on Friday with my chaplaincy team it felt especially so.

We had a good time of prayer for ourselves and those that we meet and also spoke about why we use the signs we do. The city centre chaplaincy is part of Light Project Peterborough, which is part of the Light project family.

We’re known as the ‘free hug’ people in the city centre of Peterborough as we regularly use signs declaring as such. Now a bad way to be known by shoppers and workers in the city. We also use signs like ‘I will listen’ and ‘need prayer?’

‘Signs’ are an important part of what we seek to do, to meet with people and reveal Jesus. ‘Revealing Jesus’ is the tag line of The Light Project and by using a simple sign to convey the reason for being out on the Cathedral Square or set up in a café, we have met many people who have asked us questions of faith.

Many years ago most city centre’s around the UK would sporadically be marched around with people wielding signs like ‘The end is at hand.’ A sign that today would need quite a bit of explanation and teaching to those who may enquire as to what it means.

On Friday I challenged my team to come up with a new sign that they would try out, one that would connect with people in and around the city and one that suited their gifting and character. I love how one of the team chose ‘can I pray for you?’ They have a gift in praying and often connect with people by praying for them.


Another chose this sign, a wonderful reflection of their big heart that seeks to reach out to people and their struggles they may have:


Over the last few years The Light Project has used signs alongside other creative means as a way of communicating good news and connecting with people. Here are some of them, which ones could you use?

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