Journalist Heather Tomlinson writes in the June issue of Christianity magazine: 

‘Once upon a time, street evangelism meant shouting about son. But there’s a new wave of evangelists who are taking a very different approach.’

The work of The Light Project features within the article quite a bit as I was interviewed a couple of months back by Heather over a cup of earl grey tea in Leon’s at Kings Cross. 

Heather’s research found that while the message has stayed the same, different methods are needed to connect the message in a way that people can understand. 

Furthermore Heather focuses on the role of the Holy Spirit and how He leads us to show signs that God is real. 

Can I encourage you to read the article in Christianity and let me know what you think?

My dream is for creative evangelists who will take to the streets to meet strangers who will become friends who will become disciples and in so doing the church in the UK will be renewed and lots of new churches would sprout up all over the place! 

Follow this link to order your free copy (if you’re not a regular subscriber!) click here


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