I felt tired yesterday. Sunday had been full on with speaking, travel and outreach and Monday was equally chocka with lecturing and travelling. 

Running a cafe all day on the Tuesday was the last thing I felt like doing but instead of ‘just getting through it’ I prayed in the morning and the word ‘brave’ came to me. 

So I listened to that beautiful song  

 ‘You make me brave‘ as I got ready in the morning and changed my mind that today wouldn’t be a ‘grin and bear it’ day but rather one of adventure and being brave in bringing something from God’s heart to those I meet. 

The team in the cafe are so amazing at serving coffee and welcoming people so I comendeared one of the tables in the cafe and painted for people. Simply paintings (I can’t do any other!) and as I painted I was joined by a lady from the village who needed to talk. She doesn’t have people to talk to and as I painted I had a willing listening ear. It was so good to encourage her.

I then went and gave the paintings to people with simple explanations of their meaning and explained they were prayer paintings.

People were encouraged. As was I… Seeking to hear the Lord in the morning brought about a transformation for the day, one simple word made a potential boring ‘just get through it’ day into one of adventure!    


2 thoughts on “Brave 

  1. I love this. Sometimes is easy to forget that being brave isn’t just stoic resilience, but it can actually be inspiring, exhilarating, and on occasion, jolly good fun!

  2. Love, love, love these prayer paintings. Those who received them must have been so blessed; I’m glad you were blessed in being brave.

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