Throughout the year and whenever the opportunity arises I teach a course that I’ve designed called ‘Brighter.’ It’s an interactive, around tables, lots of discussion and encounter type of course. 

The aim is to help all kinds of Christians to shine brighter with the good news of Jesus: to recieve power from the Holy Spirit, confidence to share their faith and to work at how to be creative in sharing it. 

The 5 sessions are:

  1. How to shine brighter
  2. How to tell my story 
  3. How to be creative in sharing my faith 
  4. How to share God’s story 
  5. How to recieve power to pass it on

While the teaching is planned and mapped out there is always room for the spontaneous moments from feedback, discussion, and ‘new insights’ (off the cuff teaching) that flows out. 
Last night with Bromham Baptist Church near Bedford I had over 70 people on the course. 

I laboured the point about the life we have in us that causes is to beam out…Paul writes in Colossians that the mystery that has been hidden has now been revealed that ‘Christ dwells in us.’ I also lingered on the theme that we are loved. This, I believe is key if we are to shine out we need to know that we are known and loved lavishly. 

I likened not knowing we are loved to a lightbulb hanging in the ceiling straining to shine but not able to because the switch hadn’t been turned on! 

One lady in her 70’s wanted to talk afterwards as she had never been able to believe and enjoy that she was loved by God unconditionally. 

Without knowing the absurd ‘over the top’ generous love of God the Father it is hard to show and share the good news without relying on methodology, techniques and patter. Knowing we are loved means the best news this world has ever been graced with flows from us…  

2 thoughts on “How to shine brighter in your life…

  1. So true. Thank you for last night’s session. Looking forward to the rest of the course. Denim hearts found ready for Saturday and verses ready to print….!

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