Today I spent some amazing time with people, listening to heart ache and tales. Throughout the day The Queen has featured. 

On the way to the pub I saw one of our elderly regulars walking slowly with his stick towards the Wetherapoons where we serve as chaplains. I was carrying the cut out of The Queen with me. I stretched from behind him and held her across his path and shouted in a high pitched voice ‘one is not amused!’ 
He jumped. And swore. And swore some more. Then laughed. 

We gave out lots of books on her life and spoke with lots of people today too. The most amazing was visiting a guy that I gave a bible to months ago for coffee and a catch up. The Queen costed his shop!   She certainly sparks lots of questions and on the train a few fellow passengers took pictures as I went and put her in first class.  


I know it’s cheesy to say, but as Christians we always carry Royalty around with us. 

Not as a cardboard cutout but for real and in person. 

God the Holy Spirit lives in and upon us and His presence is able to be seen and felt whether we go, if we’re willing to let Him be on show. 

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