The Queen and the King she serves 

  This morning was our monthly Sunday Out. (From a church service and onto the streets…) 

My three children and I, alongside two of the city centre chaplaincy team gave out 175 free books! Some people asked questions and we had a few lovely conversations but most people were happy to just take a book. 

They’re quite an amazing and good quality book celebrating The Queen’s 90th birthday, full of stories of her life as well as a clear explanation of her faith in Jesus Christ. It’s very well written. 

It was a fun thing to do. We had a cutout of Her Majesty and made it a fun experience for children to make their way to her on the maze to recieve a free book. 

You can order the books here

The journey to the city was also full of fun and people asked us lots of questions! The ticket inspector had a long conversation with her Majesty explaining that she needed to sit in first class.   What was megga encouraging was how willing my three children were to give out the books. Out of the 175 we all gave, they handed out the vast majority!   


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  1. Ian Malcolm says:

    Oh my how brilliant God is! I was just thinking at the weekend and wondering if we could get a big Queen cutout, take it to Horsham town centre and start conversations, give away a load of The Servant Queen books and just see what happens. And then I see what you have done, so it is possible, thanks so much, HE is good!!!

    1. Chris says:

      Ian, that’s great news!!

  2. Dave Bennett says:

    Hi Chris

    Did you receive my email?

    Every blessing – Dave

    Dr Dave Bennett

    32 Edenpark Road


    CH42 9JP

    Tel: 0151 608 1169


    1. Chris says:

      Hi Dave- thank you so much- I shall reply more fully soon!

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