It’s been a good few months since I’ve served as city centre chaplain based in The Drapers Wethespoons pub on a Friday morning. 

It’s so good to be back with my awesome team of merry men. (Well, not too merry first thing in the morning until we’ve had a couple of coffees.) 

Today I’m heading home buzzing and excited. 

When is it that you feel most alive? When is it that you are in your element? 

For me there are two things: sharing my faith and being creative. Combine them and I’m one very happy bunny. 

This morning I caught up with the staff and regulars in the pub and also painted 4 simple pictures, which were for 4 specific situations in people’s lives. 

The one that really got me was a scrappy stormy picture of a boat, with the number 62 on the sail and the name ‘peace’ as the boats name. 

The man whom I offered it to was flabbergasted. Unbeknown to me his friend had asked him 30 minutes previously what he needed. His answer was on the lines of in the storm of life I need peace. He was so encouraged (as was I!) I asked if I could pray a blessing of peace over him… As he sipped on his pint I prayed for him. 

The 62 number on the sail didn’t make much sense to him (as yet) but it was something he was going to look out for and ponder. 

Another picture was for a lady. I  

 explained that it was like a prayer. ‘I hope this encourages you that you will recieve inspiration…’ It was exactly what she needed to know and asked questions about how I would have known that. To talk with her and her friends about my belief in a God who knows and loves us was a real privalage. 

This one was for a man who needed to keep strong- we didn’t have much of a ‘spiritual’ conversation but he was so happy to recieve the picture.   

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